Friday, December 31, 2021

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"I think (and I'm certainly biased) that this is the best Isotope Queen book yet. Marilyn has a true gift as a storyteller, and I think if you have ever spoken with her, you can easily imagine her voice (both literal and abstract) telling you these stories in person. Marilyn is one of my science heroes, so it feels like such a delight to hear about all the parts of her life and career, but also on who her science heroes have been! I read this book in the middle of a tough, early-career style work week, and the theme that emerges over and over again is how important it is to find your science besties (your friend-colleagues or Frolleagues as she terms it). While we all have to work with people we don't like sometimes, finding the Frolleagues who make work feel like play seems to have sustained a long and illustrious career for her. Lesson noted, Marilyn! Some of these stories appear on her blog and in her other books, but they feel like old friends to me, and I enjoyed seeing them again. I loved the final chapter on cracking open one's inner shell to spread joy and kindness. I think I'll go do something nice for someone now. :)" Jeanine Ash, Rice University

"Marilyn Fogel’s third book, “Remarkable Women in the Life of the Isotope Queen” is a LOVE STORY. Readers of all genders will be rewarded with insight into what it must feel like to be guided in your professional, and personal life by an expert. Marilyn’s most remarkable gift is bringing out the best in those around her. And this book will enrich its audience the way she has enriched so many. She has spent her life, and continues, living with purpose, curiosity and sheer delight. She is a remarkable scientist with a healthy dose of “Jersey Girl” thrown in." Franny Stein Kasen, Childhood Friend, Attorney, and Comedian

Remarkable  Women Free Kindle Book



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