Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ready for spring and more

In better times, climbing a mountain--now the opening of a movie


·      Excited about spring unfolding

·      Excited to think about future writing projects

·      Excited to get ready for a spring and summer garden

·      Excited to work on a DEI report to help improve campus life

·      Excited to see my orchid blooming after a year under my care


·      Tired of Zooming

·      Tired of COVID isolation

·      Tired of waiting for a vaccine

·      Tired of political news

·      Tired of the winter quarter


This week, I’m writing very little as I plan for the coming weeks. The Isotope Queen books are out in the world. I check sales frequently and am still figuring out a marketing strategy. (Link on Amazon)

If anyone will write and submit a review to Amazon, I’d be happy to send you a paperback copy of either (or both) of the books. Please let me know.


February, 2021, Mariposa, Ca

Meanwhile, here in Mariposa we are still waiting to be called to receive an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. Spring is coming to Mariposa, while the rest of the country shivers with snow, ice, and power outages. Good luck.


On my health front, I’m nearing 4 years and 9 months since ALS diagnosis. I am no longer able to walk. Those clips of me using a walker are now precious for me to watch. I can stand (once lifted) for about 30-45 seconds. I can still talk, eat, breathe, think, and type. Boy, do I miss people.


Have a look at Evan’s movie again. Evan's video on Marilyn and ALS


In spring, I will teach my last course at UC Riverside. I keep saying my last…so I’ll keep an open mind about everything. The class is an upper division undergrad and grad class (2 credits) on Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion in the Geosciences. I continue my work as Equity Advisor for the College of Natural and Ag Sciences. I am learning a lot in this job—and figuring out how to help make changes to the way things are done to protect those that need it.  Working on various projects—the Salton Sea, getting Bobby to graduation, chiming in on isotope projects.


The power wheelchair now rides in special van, 2021

And let’s hope the pandemic will lift soon.

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