Monday, March 16, 2020

The complete memoir!

Marilyn and Chris at informal wedding reception, Tilden Park, Oakland, CA 1986

I’ve assembled a full, complete copy of my memoir for general reading by anyone with this link. The memoir is an edited copy of the 131 blogs that I’ve been posting since August 2019. I’ve edited, re-edited, and compiled them. For this draft Version 7.2 I’ve included a limited set of photos—no more than one or two per chapter.

Since we’re now on virtual lock down in California, perhaps the memoir will be a distraction.

I still am nowhere near finding an agent or a publisher. University presses want only science—nothing personal. For presses that publish memoirs, I think this book is too “sciencey” and not enough just personal tragedy. But I’m continuing to look for something more formal than just via FB and other friends.

Feel free to comment directly to me at

And good luck with the social distancing…

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