Monday, April 4, 2022

Happiness and Wellbeing from the Isotope Queen


"Meditation" and Mat and "Mangroves" and Marilyn, 2021

A bright spot in an otherwise challenging month with health care issues was giving a lecture to Matthew Wooller’s class on Happiness and Wellbeing at the University of Alaska. Seemingly, this topic might not be what you’d think a terminally ill patient might be an “expert” on, but I’ve needed to build capacity to handle what comes progressively with ALS.


Tip 1: Laughter is your best medicine.

Tip 2: Figure out what gets you up in the morning. Go for it.


Tip 3: It’s OK to cry every now again and grieve your losses.


Have a look at these zoom recordings of my lecture and other thoughts about being a woman in science and science advocacy.


1) Introduction to Happiness, Wellbeing and Guest Speaker Dr. Marilyn Fogel


2) Happiness and Wellbeing Tip # 1 from Marilyn


3) Happiness and Wellbeing Tip # 2 from Marilyn


4) Happiness and Wellbeing Tip # 3 from Marilyn


Mat and Marilyn in Belize, 2002



5) Tips on work life balance and being a woman in science


6) Tips on advocacy


7) Mat tells a story of a shared golden moment and gratitude


See Mat’s work in Alaska: "the Well" - promoting the science and practice of Happiness and Wellbeing

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