Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Keep your heart open


Some of the visitors in 2021

“Keep your heart open for as long as you can, as wide as you can, for others and especially for yourself. Be generous, decent, and welcoming.” Morrie Schwartz, 1996, “In His Own Words”


Vaccinated, then boosted, 2021 has unfolded as a year of ups and some small downs. Our country, and the world at large, is unsettled as much today as it was a year ago, maybe even more. Even more important to read Morrie’s words above and put them into practice.


Today’s simple blog highlights earlier Thanksgiving essays. They chronicle my life before and during the pandemic that never seems to end. Please have another look.


Advice to Myself 2019


Pandemic Thanksgiving 2020


 “Your need to feel connected to other people is as vital to human survival as food, water, and shelter.” Morrie Schwartz, 1996, “In His Own Words”


Remarkable Tom Cassidy and Joy Oakes, now retired, in 2019

2021: Two years after we held a wedding vow renewal on a frigid day in November 2019. It rained for 5 days straight, only stopping briefly for our outdoor ceremony. The house was packed with people. Little did we know that in a few short months, we’d be locked away from so many for so long. Looking back: such a special time.




Message: Carpe diem (seize the day)!


Wedding Vow Renewal 2019



“Talk openly about your illness with those who’ll listen. It will help them cope with their own vulnerabilities as well as your own.” Morrie Schwartz, 1996, “In His Own Words”


Never give up! Let your feelings show. It’s been a year in which my own journey with ALS has hit more physical “milestones” of loss. I now need to use more medical devices to keep going. Ugh…As my son Evan says, “You’ve adapted to a million things. This is just another few hundred.”


“Let others’ affection, love, concern, interest, admiration, and respect be enough to keep you composed.” Morrie Schwartz, 1996, “In His Own Words”


We’ve gone from no visitors to hosting vaccinated, and boosted, people from all over. Thanks to you for making the often tedious journey to Mariposa.


For those I Zoom with on seminars and meetings, thanks for adapting to my small travel circle. For all my “pen pals” on Isogeochem, I love to think and post about your lab quandaries. Keeping engaged is one of the most important aspects to keeping going.

Lecture at Isocamp, 2021


This year, I published three of my memoir books on Amazon and have delighted in sending eBooks and author’s copies to friends and family far and wide. Thanks to those who have read the books and submitted reviews.


Isotope Queen Author Page


In writing, I’ve had the joy to relive wonderful times with people I’ve known since childhood, thought about my early career, marveled at being a young mother then seeing how my children have grown into caring adults, and every day, thanked my Lucky Stars that I met my patient, funny, loving husband who makes every day, a day to enjoy and embrace.


Chris and Marilyn, Sea Ranch, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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